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I am the author of a recently published book pertaining to the field of evolutionary psychiatry, entitled: The Evlutionary Mechanism of Human Dysfunctional Behavior / Relaxation of Natural Selection Pressures throughout Human Evolution, Excessive Diversification of the Inherited Predispositions Underlying Behavior, and Their Relevance to Mental Disorders / A Gene-Culture Coevolution Theory. The book is available at Amazon both as hardcover and 

I am an Israeli psychiatrist who served for 30 years as the head of chronic psychiatric wards at the Jerusalem Mental Health Center, affiliated with the Hebrew University- Hadassah School of Medicine, Jerusalem. While I was strongly convinced from my residency years onward that the causes and mechanisms that may explain how mental disorders originated in human populations have to be looked for in an evolutionary context, it took me another 30 years to clarify the details and write them down in a style accessible both to professionals as well as knowledgeable lay-persons interested in evolutionary matters.

Since during this period I worked alone, relying only on my own  intuitions and the relevant literature, now, after the book is published, I am very interested in the opinion of the readers. The more this opinion is matter-of-fact, justified by impartial reasoning or educated guess, and the less emotionally biased, the more warmly it will be welcomed.

If you are not sure whether you are interested in reading the book I suggest you to read the introductory chapter (included in Amazon's advertisment), which contains a short summary of the book's content.

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